Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Finding the Nutrition Reports

With the transition from ERS4 to CRS5 underway we are all going to be looking for things that we knew used to exist in a certain place, but now we can't find them as easily in the new program. Rest assured! Most of the things you are looking for are in CRS5 as well, you just may have to look in a different place.
For instance... the Food Recall Reports still exist, you just have to locate them in a different way than you were used to in ERS4.

From the nutrition Switchboard -

  • Click on View/Edit Recalls.
  • Then click on the blue explode button for the individual you wish to view/print.
  • From this recall screen, click the printer icon and you will get a window that looks like this:

  • From here you can click which report type you wish to view or print.

Note: the Participant Diagnostic Report is not yet available and the Food Recall Review is not available for Recalls that have been converted using the External Computer Analysis.

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