Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Poverty Guidelines

Updating the Poverty Guidelines table in CRS5 is different from the process we were used to in ERS4. The first day of the reporting period determines which poverty table to use. That means that since the first day of this reporting period was in 2006, we will use the poverty guidelines table for 2006.
We will update to the 2007 poverty guidelines in the next reporting period.

The Data Interchange in CRS will be reconfigured once SRS is finished. SRS5 will prepare the a poverty table and export that data to CRS5. Eventually this will mean that states will receive a poverty guidelines table from Washington and the states will export it to the counties (SRS5 to CRS5). This is different from ERS4 when everyone was responsible for updating their own table manually. This process is to ensure more accuracy and that everyone is using the same table.

Click on Tables from the Main Switchboard and then click on Poverty Guidelines Table and make sure that 2006 is the selected year.

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